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Off the beaten roads

Is there anything better than being off the normal, busy roads with a real "road bike feeling"? Speeding with maximum efficiency and safety through the mud, on icy, frozen forest trails or on gravel roads? Not really! I discovered cyclocross this winter for myself. True to the motto "off the beaten roads". I get to know completely new facets of cycling, set new training stimuli, get to know my surroundings in a different way and have a lot of fun doing it. But what does cyclocross actually mean? What do I need to get started, how do I start and isn’t it easier to just take the MTB? These are all questions that might occur when you are a triathlete, right? When the days get shorter, trees lose their leaves and most road cyclists and triathletes finish their season, then the time of the cyclocross athletes begins. Cyclocross races are fascinating, one-hour, action-packed off-road races and are becoming increasingly popular around the world. Mostly it goes through deep …

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